About us

The Way is an early learning center located in Ogden, with an emphasis in childcare for low-income families and children living in Ogden, KS. In 2010, we began working with the youth throughout the community of Ogden specifically during youth night at the Ogden Community Center. We have since built The House Café, and the attached Refuel Teen Center as a service to the youth of the community.


After working with teenagers for ten years, we have seen behaviors that lead to incarceration, teen pregnancy, and dropping out of school (Chris is personally familiar with this as he dropped out of school during his junior year of high school). In seeing these behaviors form over time, we believe that we are in a position to help families and kids confront and change these behaviors as early as possible through affordable childcare.


We have converted the old Liberty gas station into the early learning center. Our primary mission is to help and partner with parents in the development of their children when it comes to academics (writing, colors, letters, sounds, and speech), discipline (eye contact, attentiveness, focus, and respect), independent and interactive play (catch, imagination, art and creative independent play), and more.


We hope to be involved with parents in helping pre-k children enter school at the same level as their peers, and our goal is to see students who come through our program take the principles that are built here, and carry them with them the rest of their lives.

Meet the LEADERS

Christopher Jacobs

Executive Director/Assistant Teacher

Chris grew up in Topeka, KS. He dropped out of high school his junior year. After multiple years of not doing much, he decided to get his GED and join the army. He deployed to Iraq in 2008, where he made the decision to follow Jesus and the teachings of the bible. Coming back from Iraq in 2009, Chris was attending KSU for his undergrad in history, and began to get involved in a youth group in Ogden as a volunteer. Chris was persuing a career in teaching history, when God changed his story. Shortly after getting married in 2011, Chris and Quinn made the decision to move to Ogden to lead the youth group. Chris has been working with the students in Ogden since 2010 and through this experience, Chris and Quinn witnessed injustices in Ogden, teens dropping out of school, some facing addiction, others faced unemployment as they graduated or even jail. In 2014, he saw the need for something more for those students graduating and not attending college, at which point he began to pursue the vision of The House Cafe. The House Cafe opened its doors in 2017, and then came the Refuel teen center in 2019 and now The Way Early Learning Center. Through becoming a dad in 2014 and 2015, and beginning a foster care journey in 2018, Chris now has a heart to see children interact with thier parents while growing and thriving. His vision is to see kids become independent thinkers who provide for themselves and think for themselves as they grow up.


My name is Billie Anttila and I am the program director at The Way Early Learning Center. I am married to Lance Anttila, and we have 2 children, 4 grandchildren, a dog named Bailey, and a cat named Simon. We moved to Ogden in 1997 via the military, where my husband retired in 2007. My first experience working with preschoolers was in 1990 in Germany. I had a friend, both her and her husband were military and needed someone to watch their 2 yr old during Desert Storm. Through the Army Family Child Care (FCC) training, I opened a home daycare to provide for my friends child. During this time, God revealed his Son Jesus to me in 1991, and I chose to follow him. I, persay, never was looking to work with preschoolers as a profession or ministry, but God had different plans for me. We moved to Virginia in 1993 after leaving Germany.
My kids went to a Mennonite School for preschool, and once they were both school age, I got a job as a preschool assistant at the same school. In 1997 we moved to Ogden, KS. I began volunteering at the elementary school in the library when they hired me to be a playground supervisor. At the time, the Headstart program was inside the elementary school, and I was asked to work as a para inside the headstart program because they thought I worked well with children. From there I moved to the Kindergarten room and spent several years bouncing between all classroom grades depending on what they needed. In 2007, I became the Financial Secretary for Ogden Elementary until May 2021. I felt the Lord calling me to work at The Way. I thought I was just going to teach one of the classes, but first we obey and then God reveals the details! With all of my past preschool experience in the classroom, I was able to complete my licensing and certfication within the year to become Program Director. I believe the Lord has called me to The Way to come alongside parents to work with their children and let them know they are loved and valued. To teach the children that they can be independent, self learners with a hunger for knowledge through explanation, questions, curiosity, with the ability to fail and overcome, knowing it is part of learning. To teach what emotions are and how to have self control in them. My goal is by the time they reach kindergarten they will be at the same level as their peers, confident to move forward in learning and be grounded as self-directed learners, regardless of their enviroment.

Ellaina Robinson

Assistant Teacher

Coming Soon!

FRequently Asked Questions

2.5 yrs (30mos) to 5 yrs (not yet enrolled in school)

We are open 8am to 4pm. You may drop your child off as early as 7:45am and pick up by 4:15pm.

The cost is income based with the opportunity to obtain 2 additional discounts for volunteering throughout the community and attending quarterly parenting classes. These two discounts are optional.

We utilize an app called Class Dojo. We send regular pictures throughout the day as well as communicate through messenger inside of the app.

We serve a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.

At this time we only provide full day services for children.

At this time we do not. We only provide full day services for children.

We enroll all year long. As long as spots are available, your child may start in the center following the application and enrollment process.